Find your path with personal and professional coaching


Life Coaching

  • Personal and Professional Coaching

  • Life Purpose and Life Design

  • Creating Balance in Your Life:
    From Here To Wholeness

  • Organizing and Time Management For the Creative Person

Entrepreneur and small business coaching

  • Leadership Development
  • Building a Small Business

  • Creating, Executing and Marketing a Project

  • ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) Coaching


  • Career Coaching

  • Midlife Transitions

  • Women in Transition

  • Retirement Coaching


  • Marriage and Family Relationships

  • Coaching for Parents:
    Parents as Coach

  • Workplace Relationship Coaching

  • Corporate & Team Building

  • Communication in Relationships




Most Clients prefer a 60 to 90 minute regularly scheduled meeting or call two or three times a month. Emails and short call check-ins are available for support between meetings as needed. There are a number of programs and services that are part of the individual coaching package. Some clients prefer face-to-face appointments in my office with occasional scheduled telephone appointments. Others call in from the comfort of their home in any location or time zone. The service is tailored to the clients needs and preferences.


If you are unable to commit to monthly ongoing coaching, occasional calls and meetings are available. The ongoing support is helpful with specific projects.


Share coaching with a friend or someone with similar interests and goals. You can make arrangements yourself or I will match you with someone who is exploring similar goals, challenges and direction.


Up to eight individuals with similar goals and interests participate in a scheduled, 90 minute group call or in office meeting two times a month. The group agrees upon the agenda and goals, and the additional support is stimulating and motivating.


Meet monthly or bi-weekly in an office setting or by tele-conferencing to brainstorm, explore, discuss, support, and create with like minded people. Find new ways of doing business, attaining wellness, getting organized, parenting, finding work life balance, or whatever challenge needs focus.


Workshops are designed and tailored to meet your specific needs. A variety of assessment tools are available to facilitate greater understanding and cooperation in your workplace and personal life.  

Individual Coaching And Group Coaching 
Can Be Designed And Tailored To fit Your Needs.

All of the above topics can be part of an individual or group coaching package. The above services range in price from $150 a month to $600 a month depending on the plan you feel will suit your individual, group or team needs. I will be happy to discuss the various options with you. Please call me or email to discuss specific services and prices. I look forward to hearing from you.

"When I Let Go of What I Am, I Become What I Might Be"
Lao Tzu